Cruise Ship / Passenger Ferry Operational Issues

Additional Information

In response to any injury of passengers or crew on cruise ships and passenger ferries, Sea Commerce marine experts can establish why the accident occurred and how to prevent such occurrences in the future. Sea Commerce has the professional and certified marine investigators needed in order to be able to perform large scale examinations of cruise ships, cargo vessels or passenger ferries.

Our certified marine investigators are tried and true professionals who respond coast to coast and around the world, serving where needed in remote locations and metropolitan areas. Sea Commerce provides expert marine investigation services for any operational issue, human error, or mechanical/electrical component failure. We will work with our clients every step of the way, including offering risk assessment and remediation analyses to prevent future incidents from occurring.


  • Marine Loss Analysis
  • Marine Accident Investigation
  • Operator Error Determination
  • Hull, Deck and Rigging Failures
  • Crewman, Longshoreman and Stevedore Injuries
  • ABS, SBYC, USCG Code and Regulation Compliance